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Sacred Circle

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Sacred Circle

If you are a visitor to this website, you are probably somebody with a deeper sense of who you are as a woman, or you are someone who knows there is more to being a woman than what you are currently experiencing. You might be a woman who has a stronger enquiry into the mystery of the feminine, or at least, a curiosity.. With the hectic pace many of us deal with on a daily basis, there is often not room for the feminine qualities, such as flow, beauty, humour, truth etc..


This Sacred Circle welcomes you to a space where we can bring whatever is true for you in the moment.. We meet each month to create more space to be who we are, outside of the roles we play in daily life.


For those of you who are new to the circle, we gather to share a deeper, more intimate part of ourselves, in a respectful and honoured space. You have the choice of what to share and of to share at all. The gatherings are proving to be a wonderful support for vulnerability and authenticity. This is not coaching, therapy, counseling or giving advice. The space we create is for authentic sharing, warts and all.. No judgment or fixing..


As we come together, we are able to listen whole heartedly to what each woman has to say, holding her in support and compassion, receiving her in wholeness. And we receive this beautiful gift in return.


I feel very much drawn to creating a space that is sacred, a space where you can truly share from vulnerability and authenticity. This is where this circle was born.. So the actual sharing will continue to be sharing from that space if you wish, with no feedback or personal comments from others (unless requested) no coaching or fixing the person who is sharing. The circle is not a place to be sharing meditation tips or what you did last weekend...


So this Sacred Circle is for you who also feel nourished by meeting other women of depth, courage and self-awareness. And even if you're not there yet, to jump in anyway and see where the journey takes you...


Email Pia for upcoming Sacred Circle dates.


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