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Irresistible Home Events

Imagine having your own event for you and your girlfriends custom-made for your personal needs! Imagine getting your own personal coach for a night!


Many women have expressed an interest in having smaller, intimate workshops available to them and their friends. Can this be fit it into your busy schedule, you may be asking?


Copia Irresistible Home Events was launched so that women like you can connect with your friends, have fun and learn/grow all in the same evening. We designed this format for those of you who are too busy to spend quality time with those all-important girlfriends! Irresistible Home Events provides you and your friends with the perfect combination of support, guidance, and tools. And not to forget FUN! All in the privacy of your own home!


Copia will design a 3-hour seminar for your specific requirements, and as there are no venue costs or catering costs, this comes at the bargain price of HK$500 per person! (6-12 people)


It could be a:


Hen Night (Bachelorette)..

Baby Shower..

Leaving Party..

Vision Board Party..


Your role will be to gather a group of your favourite friends together and to host it at your home or one of the other women's homes. You can decide on what you would like the evening look/feel like or we can co-create a theme. Copia's role will be to design an intimate 3 hour session just for you! The aim of this offer is for you and your friends to take the time to honour your friendship.


Contact us today to discuss ideas!


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