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Fearless Loving Fearbuster Group

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Fearless Loving Fearbuster Workshop

Are you ready to be Fearless in LOVE?


Everyone needs support; it's a huge challenge to be Fearless alone. Fearbuster Study Groups provide a built-in group of like-minded individuals, committed to supporting each other can help you move beyond fear to a life where risks will be taken, opportunities seized, and your dreams fulfilled. Stretch past your comfort zone.


We will meet once a week for 6 weeks to discuss Rhonda Britten’s book, “Fearless Loving” and support each other in building passionate, Fearless lives. We integrate through the concepts and Fearbuster exercises.


Rhonda shatters many of the conventional myths about relationships. The book is a guide on how to overcome the fears and doubts that compromise relationships challenges common misconceptions and outlines the author’s eight truths about love and achieving a satisfactory relationship.


Using the principles and tools in "Fearless Loving - 8 Simple Truths that will change the way you date, mate, and relate" and our FREE Fearbuster Study Guide, you'll learn how to master the fears that keep you from feeling like a true success and having the life you want.


If you are looking for a group that focuses on interpersonal relationships and growing yourself from the inside out so that you can bring more love into your life, this is the group for you!


The group starts early 2011- for 6 sessions in total.


Meeting time: TBC


Price: HK$2100 (If you enrol and bring a friend, you pay only $HK1800)


Being Fearless isn’t about jumping, out of planes, it’s about jumping into life!


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